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This site is a portfolio of my ventures, illustration of my skillset to interested parties, and a slice of my personal life.

As a child, I was always vehemently passionate about computers in general. I vividly remember the first time my father brought home a computer his law firm no longer had any use for. I was very young, and this was before everyone had their own desktop or laptop. With no background at all, I blindly typed in words into what I now know as MS-DOS, trying to decipher just how this new fascinating machine functioned. My passion has grown over the years, illustrated by this website I envisioned, coded, and graphically decorated on a server I host myself.

I am most interested in software development, particularly as a full stack developer. Furthermore, I believe that mobile applications are an enormous part of future computing. Our ability to pack sufficient computing power into mobile devices combined with their incredible capability to connect real world services and individuals using bits of data unleashes whole new realm of possibility to developers. The trend of mobile-first web development serves as a real world reflection of this mentality.

I love the way that music has been transformed as a result of technology. I think that the invention of the synthesizer and the widespread adoption of sampling has had an incredible effect on humanities ability to create new grooves. From bringing back classic sounds from old eras effortlessly to creating music in ways never before imagined, technology has completely redefined our ability to create art audibly. You can check out some of my choice picks and get the best new music as I discover it via my Soundcloud at Elsewhere Online

Overall, I hope to pursue a life that furthers humanity, those I represent and my own interests. I believe that technology has the power to make our lives easier, redefine and streamline business endeavors, and transform our leisure time for the better. Depending on where my career and life goals take me, I may return to Graduate School after spending time in the industry. Feel free to contact me at my personally hosted email address! I fully support GPG for those concerned with privacy.