Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Scallops

- Ingredients -

Brown Sugar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Skewers of some sort

- Makin' Bacon -

Makin' Bacon

1. Set the oven to 400 degrees.
2. Align the bacon strips in an oven-ready pan/tray and coat with brown sugar. Depending on the material of your pan/tray, you may want to add tinfoil.
3. Throw those babys in at 400* for 19 minutes (or your bacon baking settings of choice)

- Prepping the Scallops -

Prepping the Scallops

1. Insure the pan will be pipping hot by preheating so that the scallops will be sizzling hot when each one lands.
2. Arrange scallops in a circle on a plate, covering them excessively with salt and pepper as half is lost during cooking.
3. Every ingredient must be ready at hand due to the speed required to flip and season the scallops. This includes olive oil to drip on if you will be doing multiple rounds while the pan is still hot and lemon juice/salt/pepper for seasoning post-flip.

- Cooking the Scallops -

Cooking the Scallops

1. After a hot pan is ready and olive oil is drizzled, start a 1:47 minute timer when ready and begin dropping each scallop in along the edge on the pan in a circle.
2. There will be a time delay as each scallop is placed, which is why the circular order is helpful. After the timer ends, restart it and flip the scallops in the same order as they were placed, starting at the initial scallop. This insures uniform cook time.
3. After you have flipped each scallop, immediately season the un-seasoned side and drizzle on lemon juice.
4. At the end of the ~3:30, remove the scallops and place them on a plate.

- The Wraparino -

The Wraparino

1. Take pairs of a strip of bacon and scallop, shaking excessive grease and olive oil off of each, respectively
2. Wrap the bacon around the scallop and skewer in a manner that attaches both ends of the bacon securely
3. Serve ASAP