Greed Algorithm

I analyzed the dice game Greed and developed a Java Algorithm aimed at gleaning strategic insight into the best way to play. A full writeup on my work so far is available on my blog here and the main source code is available on my Github here.

Alexa Skills

I developed multiple Alexa Skills using Python and AWS Lambda functions. They are powered via the WMATA Metro, Yelp, and Google Calendar API's and can be seen in my pinned repositories. A fourth skill, my first skill that I intend to bring to the Alexa Skill Store, is in development and utilizes the API.

CNU CS:GO Team Manager

I was Captain of multiple eSports teams at Christopher Newport University, including the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. I developed practice methodologies and led my team in Leagues against other Colleges, beating teams at colleges such as Princeton and CalTech. If you are at a beginner to intermediate CS:GO skill level and want to improve, my analysis and team exersizes on the announcement page are a good place to start!